5 Reasons Why Young Men Love Cougars!

5 Reasons Why Young Men Love Cougars!

Today, women getting together with much younger men is no longer a taboo. A more recent phenomenon seems to be the opposite: men falling for older women.

According to science, men should not be attracted to older women but evolution has changed the male species.

Men fancy healthy and fertile women. More and more men want to date women the same age or older than themselves.

We’ve all heard of the cougar phenomenon.

Which begs the question: Why are men dating women over 50?

Here are five reasons why so many men think you’re hot!

Incredible self confidence. After the age of 50, women tend to know themselves pretty well. That means that you have more self confidence, which attracts any boy toy. A confident women isn’t clingy, needy, or desperate. She has her own thing going on and is more likely to never need attention from any man. Cougars are attractive for this very reason. In a man’s eyes, you are less demanding and easier to spend time with than a younger girl.

They’re looking younger than ever. Today, older women are looking younger and hotter than ever. Older women look fantastic! Women are taking much better care for themselves and doing more to stay and feel young. Compared to men, there is a lot more pressure to have good skin, a great bod, the right clothing, hair and makeup and maybe a little Botox. Some experts are claiming that 50 is the new 30!

They have experience. As women get older, they have plenty experience. Younger men find this exciting and are looking to learn more about how to please a woman in the bedroom. Imagine all the fun you can have showing him what you like? You can educate your man about what does and doesn’t work for you. Also, younger men love trying new things and have a sense of adventure. They don’t mind trying new foods, new activities and even new positions!

The biological clock doesn’t exist. Once you turn 50, you usually don’t have any pressure to have a baby. This can be a huge relief for you and your man who doesn’t want to get tied down by younger women who are begging for a family. Remember that these men want relationships, but are not looking for a long-term commitment and family responsibility. Think about it this way: he’s a great companion without the pressure of getting married.

You know how the world works. At 50 you’re a savvy little minx. You know that dating a younger man can be a lot of fun, but this also might not lead to anything deeper or serious. As long  as its fine by you then this sort of relationship can work. You don’t mind being a little distracted and enlivened by a younger man’s attraction towards you.

The good news about men desiring women over 50 is that you can relax, go with the flow, and enjoy the ride. And when the relationship hits a dry spell and you recognize that it is no longer working out, you are most likely going to let him go and simply move on.

This freedom of dating younger men can open the doors for you to have more fun and excitement in your life! The good news for younger women who are still single is that getting older isn’t so bad.

So if you’re a cougar get out there and teach our young boys a thing or two. Young women out there will thank you!

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