About Melina Giubilaro

Melina Giubilaro is a broadcast journalist, blogger and entrepreneur based in Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec, Canada. Fluent in four languages—English, French, Italian and Spanish—she loves to chat and meet intriguing people, which ultimately shaped her career as a media professional.

With a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Concordia University, Melina has mastered the art of unearthing compelling stories and sharing them with the public. She has garnered years of valuable media experience, writing for influential newspapers and managing content for some of Canada’s leading news/talk radio stations. A bonafide adventurer, she even spent time working as a TV personality in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

Melina is a staunch advocate of female empowerment, always on the hunt for stories that are a departure from the typical “how-to” approach on love, life and entrepreneurialism. She has spoken to women from all walks of life with the sole purpose of discovering how they see the world. With that in mind, she created Don’t Forget Your Lipstick, a blog geared towards her fellow #NastyWomen.

All said and done, Melina’s philosophy is simple: be the badass you were born to be, because NEWSFLASH! You don’t need permission to carve out your own path and thrive as an individual; and that’s pretty powerful.

Allow me to say Hello!

I am so honoured that you are here. #DFYL is a blog meant to teach and empower smart successful kickass leaders.

You are a mover, freethinker, and loudspeaker driving yourself to be the best in your field. Working, kids, parties, school, relationships, dating, family, 9-5 schedule’s… let’s face it, you are ruling your world on your very own terms. And you’re KILLING IT!

I’m a woman who doesn’t care about breaking the rules or getting permission to do what I want to do. I just do it.

#DFYL is about remembering who you are. It’s not about makeup tutorials to impress a man (cause we all know that women impress other women), but it’s about doing something daily that makes you feel like you’re conquering the world. I know that even when my day isn’t going well, I always allow myself to feel good and when I put on lipstick, there is something inside that lights up and makes me smile. Smiling makes me feel 100.  But for you, it can be anything you want. Let me help you find the light.

I know how hard you’re working. You’re an alpha female with major confidence skills or you’re the sweet and loving beta female. You’re committed to getting any job done right. I know because I’m just like you. The Working Girls & I focus on topics that matter to the modern woman: Dating & Relationships, Girl Talk, Life, Rants and much more… stay tuned!

This blog is a chance for all women in the 21st century to speak up. Say what’s on their mind. No cookie-cutter “How To Get Him To Commit in 10 Days” bullshit. We want the honest truth: “Listen up honey, if he hasn’t committed by now he never will, sorry!” Yes, that kind!

I reserve the right not to write the names of the women writing with us. The Working Girls will remain anonymous for privacy and security reasons.

However, we are always looking for new voices. So, if you have something to say, please share it with us. #DFYL is about starting a conversation. We want to help all women in this new era.

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I cannot wait to see you on the other side!