Calling All Spiritual Superheroes

Calling All Spiritual Superheroes

I never really considered myself a spiritual person.

But the past few weeks have made me reconsider what I believe about myself.

December is a month full of joyous celebrations. Some may even say that it is their favourite month of the year!

The latest events in my life allowed me to take a step back and really go deep within myself.

Questions like:

  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
  • What’s your take on X, Y or Z?
  • What do you want?

As I sit here writing this down I can’t help but take a moment to breathe in and look outside my window.

The first snowfall or winter storm. Nonetheless I know I’m safe inside.

As I stare outside that deep white snow covering my bright red car as the minutes go by… I say to myself… I’m good.

So yeah, I guess I am a spiritual mutt.

I’m a Catholic. A bit Buddhist. A touch of atheist and a whole lot metaphysical.

Organized religion never worked for me…With it’s rules telling me what I should and should not believe.

But neither did a lot of meditation or yoga practices.

Staying quiet and stretching… I can’t help but laugh at myself while doing any stretch in my Lululemon tights.

So now I do what I’ve always done with most things in my life: I make it up, until it’s just right. (Note to self: it never is.)

Some days, I work with prayer. The ones I will never forget as a born and raised Catholic. Growing up I had to memorize the Our Father as well as the Hail Mary.

When I am asked to call out the Divine Feminine you bet I’ll say a Hail Mary, Full of grace…

Some nights, I’ll get on my knees and silently chant a single mantra. Or 10. Or I’ll pray to God, or whoever is willing to listen. I’ll ask for clarity, guidance, pull, love, pull. Whatever works for me. I’ll ask for thanks. Always.

And that’s the point. Asking or crying for help is my way of connecting with the Light, the Gods, Outer Space or Angels.

Creating a spiritual practice that works for you and only you. Everyone is different.

Because living in a world that is too heavy, joyless, overly strict, boring— those are not the ways to higher consciousness.

I think wanting to be enlightened is mostly about figuring out who we are as individuals.

Think of those questions you repeatedly ask yourself.

You are your very own mystery to solve. Only you can find the missing piece in that puzzle.

Forget about how life is supposed to work but how YOU work.

Some of us will find one faith practice that suits us perfectly.

Others will need a few varieties to feel whole.

We will glue each piece with non-conformity and stitch them with resonance and devotion.

Your spirituality will look funky, different, colourful.

Others will look rebellious and worshipful.

Everyone is different.

But only YOU can find the right pieces to feel entitled and righteous.

It will fit… For YOU.

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