Can deal breakers actually “break” the relationship?

Can deal breakers actually “break” the relationship?

Relationships with humans are very difficult to comprehend.

Whether we’re talking family, friends or even long-time partners, it can be tricky knowing if the relationship will last or not.

Yet, we all have this invisible door that decides whether or not someone is worthy of walking in or turning back—the deal breakers.

For so many these can’t stands might never get you past the second date.

Some researchers found that these deal breakers are more potent in long-term relationships than shorter ones. It seems that we are far more willing to overlook certain annoyances.

For some people a list of deal breakers can go like this:




Not enough sex.




The list goes on…

Of course we meet someone and they get a little messy from time to time and we decide to turn the other cheek.

But what about certain no-no’s that you just can’t overlook?

There are many factors that can determine how a relationship works out.

Some say that when you meet the right person, a lot of it doesn’t matter anymore.

Are we putting up with crap because he might be “the one”?

If we already know what we cannot tolerate certain behaviors or actions why must we throw away our goodbye list?

No one should settle for less than they deserve.

Some deal breakers can be stronger than others, so how can one differentiate what’s more important?

When entering a relationship you should be honest about what you can and cannot accept.

It might sound superficial or you might sound superior to your partner but hey a girl’s gotta say what’s on her mind!

As the relationship grows you might completely forget the issue.

But, if certain traits like alcohol/drug abuse, flirting with other people or having a bad temper keep coming back then it’s best you walk away.

Don’t hold your breath thinking that time will change, because it won’t.

Expecting someone to change for you, or expecting that you can put up with someone’s mistaken beliefs or attributes is a recipe for disaster.

Talk it out with your partner and see if you can reach a compromise. If not, then it’s time to go.

Figure out what is most important to you in a relationship.

Listen to your core values and roll with it.

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