The Dating Scene has definitely changed

The Dating Scene has definitely changed

Even if you’re in your 20’s you know that the dating scene has definitely changed.

They way you met your first boyfriend at 15 is certainly not the way you’ll find your next fling.

Imagine if you’re in your 40’s—you’re not old, definitely not, but you’d be lying if you said that your view on life hasn’t changed since your 20’s.

How we date has changed! Both in the kind of social life you lead and what you are looking for in a person. Things have a tendency to change over time. You grow up, you make mistakes and now that you know what you want, you’re ready to find someone to share the rest of your life with.

What’s changed?

The social rules for dating have changed. In fact, we can drill this down to a list of what the first date expectations were then and what they are today.

Coming to the door to pick you up.

That’s right. Way back when, men used to come to the door and ring the doorbell. Today, we mostly get that incredibly unromantic “here” text.

Bringing flowers to the first date. Yes not only do we want guys to knock on our door when they arrive to pick us up, we also want them to carry flowers or other tokens of affection. It became uncool to bring something to the first date because it confirms that you are interested in the person.

Dancing in the club.

Whatever happened to this? Dancing for the sake of having fun and wanting to dance; not grinding or having sex on the dance floor. This is a great way to shake off the nerves and see them bust a dorky move on the dance floor. Slow dancing is almost extinct as far as we’re concerned.

Asking someone out.

It’s very popular these days to refer to someone you’re seeing as “Oh… we’re just talking.” As in, we see each other often and we’re getting to know each other, but it’s nothing serious. So you mean… dating? Dating is almost seen as a taboo so it’s much more convenient to say you’re hanging out. There’s no need to court since we’re just talking, right? Being direct about whether or not you’re into someone and are interested in dating is a lost art, and it really shouldn’t be!

Not assuming sex is ever going to happen.

Now, I’m not saying sex was a taboo in the past, but no one certainly expected to have sex on the first, second or third date. A date does not have to be a way into sex. No one should be expecting sex so there aren’t any disappointments. If you’re into the person and they’re being flirty than chances are something might happen, but still don’t expect anything.

Today, the modern woman has power. She can make her own money, does what she wants and most importantly knows what she wants. She can take care of herself. She’s learned from her past mistakes and has accepted them. What she wants is a guy who can turn off his phone and give his total attention to her.

Of course something’s may never change. It’s not that being older makes it easier, but now you are starting to realize that your time is precious. So what you have to do is look for someone who values time spent with you.

Whatever your age may be don’t be scared to go out and explore again.

Heck, after all you deserve a great catch!

Just don’t forget your lipstick—please!

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