Divorce Trends For A New Millennium

Divorce Trends For A New Millennium

In today’s society more and more marriages are ending in divorce.

Nobody gets married thinking that one day they’ll get a divorce, but for some the termination of marriage is inevitable.

There a number of different ways to cope with the loss of a marriage.

However before calling it quits why not try to fix what’s broken.

Here are everyday ways each party can do to improve your marriage.

Short and Sweet.

When discussing what is bothering you try explaining it to your partner in 3 sentences or less. Explain how you like your things done without adding extra negative related issues. For example, tell him “you said you’d clean up the garage, and you didn’t. May you please get that done this weekend?” Don’t add the “you’re never doing what you say you will do” part.

Acknowledge what they’ve done.

Surprise your spouse with praise when he’s expecting criticism. Say something like: “I like the way you did that.” By praising them you’ll catch them off guard. By doing this, you’re also showing how much they mean to you. It’s always nice to show your appreciation of the work they’ve put in.

Leave it in the past.

Forget about all the other arguments you had with them. Never bring them up again. Appreciate what you have now and focus on the current problems you are having. Everyone makes mistakes, right? If those past issues still bother you learn to let go. You can’t bring up past issues but definitely bring up what is bothering you today or this past week.

But even though some couples do work on themselves there are many reasons why today’s generation is opting out on staying together.

Here are 5 Mega Trends that can explain the decline of marriage.

Who run the world? GIRLS.

Like Béyonce, women today are running the show. Women are graduating University and are achieving more than men. Millennial marriages are actually getting better because more and more relationships are real. Compared to the 50s men brought home the paycheck while women sucked stayed home and put up with a crappy relationship. Today that’s changed. Many women in the U.S. are the actual bread-winners of the household. Therefore, marriages are not being held together by money anymore, but by communication. However, women are the ones filing for divorce. The majority of men sit tight and won’t move until another gal comes around.

Living together before saying “I do”.

Many couples are choosing to live with their partners instead of rushing to say their vows. In a 2010 census 48% of all american households were married while 52% were not. People prefer to live together for several years because it is no longer frowned upon. However, if you think that living together before getting married will save your marriage, think again! The rate of divorce is higher for couples who live together and then choose to get married.

Modern day technology.

We used to have to go out and physically meet someone. In order to find the right person one would look at proximity and timing. However, with the rise of the internet and social media, many single men and women tend to match up with other single individuals via online forums, chats and speed dating sites. Today, it’s a lot easier to find a replacement or even to cheat on someone because of the internet.

Ugly Porn.

Porn is especially ugly for women because the porn industry has exploded and has altered the sexual relations between a man and a woman. Porn has created unrealistic expectations from both parties resulting in thinking one can get what they want. It also objectifies women. Porn and masturbation has avoided sexual communication among couples and in the long run can turn the marriage into a sexless one.

Grey divorce.

Over the past 20 years, divorce rate has doubled for individuals over 50 years old. Couples over 50 tend to divorce after they’ve had their kids. It is likely to get worse in the upcoming years because a lot more people who were unhappy stayed together because no one could afford a divorce.

Since the rise of the divorce rate, there are many reasons to believe that marriages might end for good.

Today’s women are more prepared and do well on their own compared to men.

According to these 5 Mega Trends, a long lasting marriage depends on whether or not the woman chooses to stay in her marriage or not.

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