First dates can be overwhelming for some people. It can be a tricky, nerve-racking experience.

It doesn’t matter how the romance blossomed.

What matters is how special the first date turns out to be!

When planning a first date, guys usually pick out a fancy restaurant or opt for a blockbuster movie night.

But first dates are so delicate. So how does one out shine the last first date?

Here are some amazing, fun, and adventurous first date ideas you should definitely try:

  • Restaurant with a view. Now, I’m not talking about dining on top of the Eiffel tower, but try finding a restaurant in the area that has a beautiful view. Restaurants are so typical that sometimes it’s easier to add a little magic with a view from on top.
  • Cook and eat. Of course eating at a restaurant is always great. But why not trying to cook together and eating together in your very own kitchen. It will help you bond and laugh together.
  • Early morning date. You know, the breakfast meal we sometimes ignore. Breakfast is a fun and exciting way to meet someone, if they’re early morning people like you of course! But breakfast is calm– between pancakes and eggs it’s easier to be yourself.
  • Shooting range. Sure, shooting guns isn’t anyone’s idea of a really great first date, but it’s a lot of fun! Even if you can’t hit the target, you’re still really look badass in your gear. On the plus side, guns spark debate, conversation ,and adrenaline (which make you hungry). Do I hear a second date on the rise?
  • Rock climbing class. This type of activity isn’t like any other! In fact, you are putting your lives in each other’s hands. What better way to learn how to trust each other? This is great way to learn about each other high in the air.
  • Amusement park. No, no the amusement park isn’t only for children! Try going to the amusement park for your first date. Try different rides together, talk, scream and share all your emotions. Before you know it, your chemistry will be sizzling in the sun.
  • A live concert. If you or your date love music then why not go to a live concert together. Sure you won’t be able to talk much, but your date will be so surprised and grateful that you planned a surprise date to see their favourite band play live.

Now you have a list of great first date ideas!

After all, the best first dates are ones that seem perfect and memorable even if it doesn’t go as planned.

The best perfect dates are surprising, unexpected and exciting.

Don’t try overdoing a first date.

A first date is meant to learn about each other and get to know each other.

No pressure…All you need to do is think creatively and enjoy every moment!

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