No boyfriend, get cooking!

No boyfriend, get cooking!

So it’s been a year since your last relationship and you still cannot find somebody.

You went on a few dates and talked about yourself but these guys just aren’t calling you back.

Yes, we’ll admit it, those first-date questions can get awkward.

But here’s what we do know.

If a guy asks you if you cook or what your favourite recipe is, what he secretly wants to know is if you can cook.

We know this may seem far-fetched but bare with us.

Men love good food. Since the days where men would hunt for meat to give to their female friend to cook, women have known that food is very important to them.

Maybe even more important than blowjobs at times.

Their relationship with food is so deep and unexplainable that it drives women crazy in the kitchen.

The famous quote “the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach” is one that women know all too well.

Men are always hunting for women. It’s their primal instinct. At the end of the day if a guy had to choose between a woman who can cook and another who cannot, chances are he’ll pick the one who can cook.

Us working girls know that even on the busiest day supper needs to get on the table and quick.

They love women who can cook because it potentially means their family or future family will be taken care of.

We’re not saying take a class or else you’re doomed. But, try mastering at least one recipe.

So on that next date you can brag about your mother’s lasagna and let him reminisce of his childhood.

Of course, were in 2016, who says men can’t cook. So let him help you out and make cooking more enjoyable for the both of you.

And if you really are a disaster in the kitchen, then hey there’s always take-out.

So next time you go on that date, remember to talk about the food you can make (if you can) and seriously don’t forget your lipstick!

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