How To Hire, Stay Employed & Get The Job

How To Hire, Stay Employed & Get The Job

Finding a job can be for some really easy.

For others, finding a job can be a lot of work (too old, too young, experience issues & luck).

In my relatively short career, I’ve hired and been hired multiple times, I’ve gotten fired, or quit and managed to stay employed at some crappy jobs too (yay)! Having said that, I think that qualifies me to give advice.

Every time I apply for jobs, I always hand my resume with my application and that resume always has an objective typed out at the top such as “To provide customer service at a respected establishment.”

If I dropped an application off and wasn’t able to speak to the manager, I would call a couple of days later to follow-up to or I’d show up enough times that the whole establishment would get fed up of me.

Unlike the dating world, you should never play hard to get with potential employers.

Your boss doesn’t have time to court you or please you, so you better romance the hell outta them.

Here are some of my tips:

The Cover Letter should include the following:

Let the employer know what you can do for them. They don’t care about what you want, your personal goals and dreams. This might sound harsh but they really don’t. They want to know how you can make their already successful company grow even more. Write down what you can do and how you can do that to get them where they want to be. Write down your experiences that proves what you can do for them. A cover letter that can connect the dots between what you’ve done and what they’re looking for will get you the interview.

The Stressful Interview:

You wrote a cover letter so good, someone called you back wanting to meet with you WOOHOO.

Have you ever walked into a party dressed like bridezilla while everyone else was dressed as cute bunnies like in Mean Girls and you felt so outta place?

Yes, everyone at the job interview is looking at you, analyzing you so you better be ready. Prepare your questions, ask questions, dress the part. You can say all the right things, have all the right experience and yet they still don’t call you back. There are a million reasons why you didn’t get the job or that it doesn’t work out. Just remember that it’s okay. Just be you.

You got the job! HOORAY!

Now, how to stay employed?

A lot of companies now aren’t offering your typical 9-5 hours. Many are looking for passionate creeps who want to work and who aren’t looking at the clock.

So, before you take the job know exactly what’s in it for you.

I’m going to assume that you do, and that now that you have a job you’ll do everything possible to do well, kickass and eventually move up.

If that’s the case then please never say “That’s not my job.”

That’s probably the worst sentence you can tell an employer who needs you. If there is a job that needs to be done in order to get the company to the top then baby you better be willing to roll up your sleeves and get dirty!

In an ideal world you will never have to do things you don’t want. But sadly this isn’t an ideal world and it’s never going to be. You have to understand right now that even at a creative job you might be asked to do something else, something not creative. Sometimes you’ll be asked to step in when the boss is out or when someone is sick. But I know you, and you’ll be glad to get that extra experience.

Your fierce attitude and great behaviour will get you places.

You go GIRL!

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