Nude pics? Sexting? Is it ok after the first date? —Alison

Nude pics? Sexting? Is it ok after the first date? —Alison

Hey Alison!

First off, thanks for asking us a question!

After the first date? Slooow down there gurllll!!!!

Sexting is like having a real-life porn video in the palm of your hands—literally.

But we think you’re better off waiting after a few more dates.

There is nothing worse than over delivering via text and under delivering in real life.

Don’t do anything via your phone if you haven’t performed in real life.

That goes for guys too.

That inflated body part pic of yourself that you had to retake 25 times before sending us does sound promising but when we see it in real life and have a hard time finding it— there’s a problem.

That’s how that third date transforms itself into the last date.

Oh and one last thing…

When you eventually have sex and feel like sexting, delete the evidence.

Yes, like a crime scene.

And if you’re too scared that it’ll end up on your Cloud somewhere, there’s an app that allows you to permanently delete it all.

You’re welcome.

The Working Girls

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