Play: How I became the puppy

Play: How I became the puppy

When 50 shades meets kink.

It all started this summer during Canada Gay Pride… I met this older hot man that changed my sex life.

Let the record show that I haven’t been having sex in a long time… like 10 years long.

I was in a serious long term relationship with someone for a long time, but the sex life dried up pretty quickly.

Without realizing it, I was living with a guy that wasn’t giving me what I wanted.

I was practically a reborn virgin.

The relationship ended, but I know I’m not ready to jump into anything serious right now.

Let’s fast-forward now to Canada Gay Pride.

Pride was held in Montreal this summer.

St-Catherine street was completely on lockdown for pedestrians and the streets were decorated with rainbow coloured pink balls.

I met him during T-dance.

T-dance is a time where gays dance at a time where people normally have afternoon tea.

It takes place at an outdoor venue where often the best DJs spin. 

After a weekend of partying I went to my friends house to pre-drink before attending my first T-dance of the season.

While the drinks were flowing, we discussed who we hoped to see and who we really wanted to avoid.

After a few colourful drinks we headed off to the park.

The park was completely packed with gorgeous men in wife beaters, sunglasses and short shorts.

The DJ was spinning his Tribal-House music and got the crowds going.

Gazing from not too far away was this hot man… Older gentleman, whatever he was, he looked good.

Our eyes kept glancing at each other while we each danced in our own groups.

But I couldn’t help but take a few sneak peaks here and there.

I was so curious.

His eyes that kept glancing at me, intrigued me.

I couldn’t help but think to myself what could he possibly want from me?

My whole body just needed to know who he was.

My lesbian friend who saw that I couldn’t control my obvious stares, asked me:

  • What do you think of that guy… is he hot or what?
  • I said yes I can’t stop looking at him.
  • Well I just met him do you want me to introduce you to him?
  • My eyes went wild of course I said yes.

My butch strawberry blonde friend leans over to him and tells him:

  • Hey! Have you met my friend?
  • And to that he responded: I’ve been watching him and he smiles at me

From that moment we started dancing together and by each moment I could feel our bodies getting closer and closer together.

A few minutes later we made out.

And within that kiss, the first thing I noticed was his long tongue.

His tongue was so sensual and long, I could feel it touching my whole throat.

He also couldn’t stop pulling on my handkerchief tied on my jean shorts.

He kept grabbing on my handkerchief pulling me closer and closer to him.

The pulling was so sensual, I felt like he was trying to control my every move.

As we got closer, we locked our lips one more time before he whispered in my ear:

I want you to be my puppy.

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