SORRY NOT SORRY: Academic Teaching Doesn’t Prepare You For The Real World

SORRY NOT SORRY: Academic Teaching Doesn’t Prepare You  For The Real World

Degrees: What society is telling us we absolutely need to get the best jobs out there, yet I think it falls short on what our young kids actually need.

Some may say that the purpose of education is learning not teaching, but I think our academic system is highly overrated.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that it’s doing a bad job at teaching our kids how to read and write, calculate basic math problems and experiment with science.

Sure every class and subject can teach us things, but I remember just focusing on the passing grade more than the “learning”.

Hear me out, I’m not blaming teachers, but the system.

Millennials need to learn more than content that is being thrown at them to memorize for an exam which is then forgotten the following day.

Unlike before my parents most of us are on the INTERNET.

We cry a little inside if we go to a coffee shop and the coffee isn’t served with free wifi.

It’s true.

We’re learning on YouTube, on Facebook Live and listening to podcasts.

With technology developing so rapidly… some may argue that College degrees are worthless.

Heck, some of the books they’re forcing students to purchase are out-of date.

Some business owners aren’t even looking for that “paper” anymore.

They want real on-the-job experience.

Let’s face it there’s a new App being created almost every day.  

Not to mention, bloggers are getting paid 6 figure numbers online, while Mark Zuckerberg is making it very hard for us to delete Facebook from our lives.

Yet we’re still putting kids through the same curriculum their parents went through.

I know that the most important things I’ve learned I’ve had to figure them out on my own.

But why can’t we teach other subjects in school?

Yes let’s learn about the Renaissance and WWII but why can’t we learn how to save for retirement and what sexual assault is?

Think about it: our cars can practically drive on their own, fitness guru’s are selling their home workouts online, you can choose your own toppings for your Big Mac on a screen, the list goes on.

Personal finance, relationships, online business, branding, coding.

Call me avant-garde. Or maybe just another asshole Millennial wanting change.

But seriously, where are these classes?

Programming skills are becoming ever so important.

Some of the biggest companies are losing their market-value because they still haven’t figured out why their customers are opting out and choosing a competitor.

Academic teaching is great but let’s please acknowledge that other classes should be taught or offered to students that’ll help them and future generations for the real world.


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