The Brangelina Breakup Everyone Isn’t Getting Over

The Brangelina Breakup Everyone Isn’t Getting Over

No one on social media is handling the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie breakup very well.

For about a week now, all anyone can think of is Brangelina.


How could this happen to them?

“They were so perfect”.

Blah Blah Blah

The rumours on social media platforms ranged from numerous speculations: Brad Pitt cheated with his latest co-star Marion Cotillard; Brad Pitt is a bad parent; the list goes on.

Everyone goes to Hollywood to breakthrough in the hopes of becoming famous, but they definitely don’t move to find long lasting marriages.

The Brangelina breakup everyone is freaking out about is just that—Another Hollywood breakup.

Most of us thought it would last, but sadly it didn’t.

2 year marriage, 6 kids and a 12 year relationship resulted in a divorce.

The announcement, which came via TMZ, stated that Jolie filed for divorce citing irreconcilable differences and is asking for full custody of their brood.

Pitt gave a statement to People saying that he wants to focus on his children.

It’s hard to say goodbye, but when you’re famous, it’s also expensive and very public.

Celebrities are known for being married for a short period of time.

But is that a valid reason for non-celebrities to stop believing in true love?

Hellllll NO!

We need love. As humans it’s natural to want to feel loved.

Even after several hurtful breakups, we hope that the cycle of dating “idiots” will turn upwards again.

So we keep trying.

We put ourselves out there.

We date again in the hopes of finding a long lasting partner.

There are several reasons why relationships end so soon.

You may be choosing the wrong type of person, or that your insecurities around relationships are causing you to leave too early. Your partner might even leave you before the relationship has had a chance to grow.

Whatever it may be, don’t give up.

Now a week has passed since the divorce announcement so like Brangelina let’s all move on.

And please don’t forget your lipstick!

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