The Holidays: How Not To Blow It

The Holidays: How Not To Blow It

2018 is going to be different.

This is THE year.

I will change everything.

Nothing can stop me.


Okay! I’ve heard enough.

Let me guess… you’ve been saying the same old phrases for the past 5 years?

Well let’s put an end to all the sabotage.

Forget wanting to change everything and focus on making better choices.

Here are a few tips before the madness begins:

#1. Be Grateful:  I know this might sound easy, but the holidays are all about sharing amazing moments with the people you love…celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ (or whatever it is you believe in).

Try to breathe out the chaos and breathe in the perfectness of it all. And just to be clear, I don’t mean everything will be perfect but that everything is perfectly imperfect kind of way. The little things.

So this holiday season try appreciating the time you have with your family & friends. If things get out of control, take a deep breathe, (maybe go for a walk), write the things you want to get done and RELAX.

#2. Your health is an investment: Of course the holidays wouldn’t be the holidays without the FOOD. Oh you know, the food that you can’t wait to eat and that you know will cause you gas and regret? Well, this year that will change! Trust me. Choose healthier options. We are not going to wait for 2019 to make the change. The Change starts now.

Don’t use gross-out processed food ingredients in your dishes. The goal isn’t to eat as healthy as an athlete getting ready for the big game, but just eat real food. When you go get your shopping list done, read the ingredient list on the back of the product. Read what you’re buying. Don’t you want to eat well and feel well afterwards?

#3. Don’t think you need to get your money’s worth:  Do not not plan what you’ll be eating. Being spontaneous is really fun, but not when it comes to food. Plan, Prepare, Win.

Forget about eating the whole buffet until your body is ready to explode. Instead, drink lots of water beforehand, get in a workout before the big feast, and identify the things you really, truly need to eat or else you’ll -regret-it-for-the rest-of-the-year-kinda-thing.

#4. It’s Just A Party: If the holidays give you anxiety, think about it from a different perspective: when you take out the-hype about over-eating, in reality, it’s just another dinner party with your family and friends. So, treat it like one.

If that chocolate cake appears to be at that table every dinner party, then tell yourself you’ll have a piece the next time. No biggie! Also, eat your vegetables and cut down on the alcohol!

#5. Plan the days to come.  Plan your Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday… maybe even the Saturday before. As in, what are you going to do when you wake up the day before or the next morning? Plan ahead. If you know that you’ll be eating a big feast maybe you can try fasting the whole day before and the day of the event so you can enjoy what you want to eat. 

Remember that when you indulge and eat more sugar, alcohol and unclean foods, your body will crave them the following days. AKA, you’ll want more leftovers the next few days, you’ll feel like shit and you’ll feel fat. Not cool. So think about what you’ll do ahead of time.

There you have it: 5 tips and tricks to help you get through and enjoy the holiday season!

See you in 2018!

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