The Messy Truth About Myths and Relationships

The Messy Truth About Myths and Relationships

Being single does have its perks but it’s also very boring.

Single people try very hard to find that special someone to spend the rest of their lives with, but sometimes the shoe just doesn’t fit.

It’s actually very hard to find someone you’re compatible with even after the third date.

You know the drill.

We meet a guy at some public place, make eye contact, he approaches, you start making small talk and just like that you exchange numbers (or you add each other on Facebook).

As you get to know each other you realize that this cute guy is really an asshole who clearly only wants to fuck.

He doesn’t want to commit and is very straightforward about it.

Whatever “ick” you have with him, you still want some advice.

You call up your girlfriend and she goes all Pollyanna on you.

She’s so optimistic that this relationship will work and tries to convince you.

This moment is called the Urban Relationship Myth.

It goes a little something like this:

“Well I have a friend, Samantha, who’s friend’s friend met this guy who wasn’t ready to commit, so she moved to New York for this job and months later he went to her apartment and asked her to marry him… and they lived happily ever after”.

So what do you do?

You give this guy another shot in the hopes of having the same fairytale ending.

But that doesn’t work.

Weeks later the relationship is over.

Now you feel hopeless because this fabulous relationship didn’t happen to you.

So why do single people try to stick to a shitty relationship?

Because of these goddamn myths.

We don’t know if guys have these talks (guys please comment below) but what we know for sure is that girls around the world are feeding each other these bullshit stories.

What if we just told each other the truth ?

WG: “You know Steve, the guy I’m dating? Well he’s actually a jerk so I ended it”

Friend: “OMG, good for you. What happened?”

WG: “He doesn’t want to commit”.

Friend: “Oh well too bad for him, you’re a badass”.

Okay fine, it might not be 100% accurate but you get the point.

So please dear friends, stop feeding us your Disney relationship stories.

Remember one thing: those myths about friend’s of friend’s finding love is not your happy ending.

When it comes to a great and healthy relationship, there is no one-size-fits-all advice.

Stop expecting to fit that made up story.

They may be true stories, but we have yet to meet those “friends”.

Instead, try finding someone that you can connect with and that wants you for you.

Search for someone who invests his time and energy on you.

You’re a badass afterall!

And hey!

Don’t Forget Your Lipstick!

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