The Puppy Part 2

The Puppy Part 2


During Gay Pride I was wearing a handkerchief that was tied to my jeans for a cool look.

The guy I met changed my sexual life.

So we’re kissing and getting very sensual and then he whispers to me:

“I want you to be my puppy”.


Not knowing exactly what it was i smiled and nodded.

I couldn’t fully say a whole yes but I nodded so he continued telling me that he would train me to be a puppy.

He sort of convinced me I guess, that I could do this, I could be a puppy.

We proceeded our make-out sesh by going to the outdoor urinals.

He took my handkerchief and was leading me the way.

I was so drawn by him. I can’t explain it.

I just let him lead me the way.

As we went through the crowd he made sure he had a hold on me.

My handkerchief was like his leash.

I could feel him almost on me.

Like he was powerful.

Once we got to the urinals, he just nonchalantly wacked out his penis.

My first reaction: HUNK.

Big, long, thick.

I was mesmerized. 

It was the longest penis I had ever seen.

Just seeing it got me excited and scared all at the same time.

We kissed and went our separate ways.

A week goes by and I knew he would be back at the T dance.

I had his number but I didn’t want to text him asking him if he would be there.

When I arrived, I immediately tried looking for him.

My head was turning in circles.

I was on the hunt for him.

I started dancing with my friend and all of a sudden I turned my head back and saw him.

Our eyes met once again.

It was fate or destiny or whatever cheesy word you could use to describe this.

I made my way to him and as soon as he saw me he grabbed my head and started making out with me.

At that point, leaning in and kissing him and letting him control me I knew we had a connection.

We danced the whole night.

He whispered in my and told me he loved the fact that I had the handkerchief again so he could “wheel me in”.

And then he asked me if I wanted a glitter beard.

Everyone was getting their beards glittered different colours.

My friends and his friends all got glitter beards.

I chose red and he chose orange.

Every time we kissed our glitter colours mixed.

He told me he loved the idea of glitter beards because he would notice if I kissed anyone else with different coloured beard.

I loved the fact that he wanted to own me. That he was protective of what was his.

I finally felt wanted.

And I loved the feeling.

He calls himself the Master.

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