It’s been a few weeks now that a tape emerged of Donald Trump bragging about how he gets away with sexual misconduct because he’s a “star.”

“And when you’re a star they let you do it.” “You can do anything. Grab them by the pussy. You can do anything.”

Since then, many women are coming forward to accuse the Trumpster, who is also running for president.

There is now a whole list of new allegations against Trump, as well as past accusations of assault, harassment, and discrimination by women.

This Republican has been accused of kissing a former Miss USA contestant twice without consent, he’s been caught on tape saying he’d date a 10-year-old girl in 10 years, he’s also been accused of mistreating his female employees and he’s also allegedly hiring women based on appearances.

And yet, with actual footage and women coming forward the New York businessman is blaming these accusations on Hillary Clinton and an international media conspiracy, describing these women as “sick” who just want their 5 minutes of fame.

When Trump says it’s “locker-room talk” he’s normalizing rape culture.

Trump’s opinions on women in general are not only despicable, to say the least, but having his words re-tweeted, shared or whatever is alarming.


Not only is it embarrassing for the American image but when you realize that this is a man who is still running for president… WHOA!


This is America the land of opportunities… no wait this is America where rich men grab women by the pussy.

When a man of that stature and who has the opportunity to speak to the world promotes or is actually doing and meaning these misogynist things you can’t help but wonder who the fuck is going to vote for him?

Let me tell you Donald Trump, having a vagina does not make me weak.

Like Béyonce told us years ago, we GIRLS are running the world.

We don’t need to live in a world where women are considered inferior or less. We can now start fighting for equal pay and equal rights. It’s 2016. It’s time. We’ve been waiting for this. Our grandma’s, our mothers. Let’s do this for all women and men.

Trump needs to face the fact that he is no gentleman and that we (women) will more likely grab him by the balls and show him who’s boss.

And across town, Melania Trump sat down with AC360’s Anderson Cooper where she tells us that she’s standing by her man.

She’s also accusing the left-wing media and the Clinton’s for all the bad rep Trump’s been getting.

As for that video with Billy Bush, she says Donald was egged on by the host of Access Hollywood.

As his wife, she tells Cooper that she accepts his apology and hopes that everyone will too.

“He’s real, raw, kind… a gentleman who encourages women.”

She also categorized the “locker-room talk” as “boy talk.”

She told Cooper that she sometimes tells people that she has two boys in the house—her son and Donald.

So just to be clear, she’s saying that when Trump says he can grab them by the pussy he’s really just acting like a teenage boy.

Their son is 11, and well the other is running for president…OK. Got it.

Defending this sort of behaviour by using the “boys will be boy”” variation is just horrific.

We are living in a time where girls are being sexually harassed and abused on school campuses and Mrs. Melania Trump is normalizing this sort of behaviour?

I don’t know what’s scarier, having Trump who dismisses women’s emotional intelligence or people, or those voting for him agreeing with what he’s saying.

What do you think?

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