What I’m Letting Go To Be Happy

What I’m Letting Go To Be Happy

It’s always a good time to let go of whatever is holding you back.

What’s on your list of THINGS to give up?

It’s PRIME TIME right now to give it all UP.

Giving up a few times a year can help you release toxins.

If you can find out what is holding you back in life you can give those things up and be truly happy.

No matter what kind of problems you’re dealing with, how old you are, where you live — everyone deserves to have a successful joyful life.

You are in control of your life.

Here’s my list:

I give up: Excuses. The Past. Unresolved relationships. Resistance to love. Judgements that keep me away from people. Doubt. Fear — all the damn doubts, fears that I’ve ever had. Every single one of them. Stress. Release all that stress. Twice.

I give up attack. Bad habits. Toxic words. I give up arrogance. I give up being too critical. Fast choices. I give up my lineage. Yes, even that. May we all be free for a moment.

I give up second-guessing that I deserve respect.

I give up second-guessing that I deserve freedom.

I give up regrets. Regrets that creep up in my dreams, in my muscles from time.

I give up reaction.

I give up giving my time to those who don’t appreciate it.

Fear of not succeeding? SIGNIFICANTLY reduced to miniscule.

Fear of not being loved? Lack of deserving? GoodBye. Eight hundred times, Ciao.

I give up chasing the wrong people. Or losing my sense of humour when it could turn a hurtful situation in a sweet one. Because, come on, I’m funny.

I give up that gross overwhelmed feeling that comes after you read any women’s magazine –– of being too fat, too smart, too short, too normal, too frizzy, too hungry.

I give up doing things for others when it will hurt me in the end. I give up trying to please everybody.

I give up staying up too late because I think I owe something to the world.

I give up being down on myself because I coulda, shoulda, woulda. Bye.

I give up catching a cold, fixing my hair, checking just one more email, or Facebook post or Snapchat story, going too long without eating fruit, and over-working.

I give up working within the exploitive ideologies that are fed from all directions.

I will do everything for the love, and I will do it lovingly.

I give up the impulses: being the best, earn my place, proving to the world that I BELONG HERE. Because really, I’m already here. And I’m not going anywhere. And I won’t give up.

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