Why He Is Not That Into You

Why He Is Not That Into You

Relationships can be complicated, and men are often very hard to figure out.

So how can you tell if your man is really into you?

A man drives a women crazy when he hasn’t returned her call in over 2 days or when she calls him and he says he’s busy. And just when she’s about to let go he appears at her doorstep.

Sounds familiar?

Dating expert and author Steve Friedman shares the following tips that will help you decide whether you’re wasting your time or if this man is right for you.

Here they are:

We’re friends and have lunch together. If you’ve been dating for a while and he still introduces you as his friend then it may be time for you to have a serious talk about your relationship. You may also want to have dinner with him, but he always proposes to have lunch because he is busy at night with his friends. Consider this a red flag.

Spur of the moment dates and sharing the tab. Is he the type of guy that invites you to do something last minute? Last minute invitations may seem exciting and spontaneous but if this is done repeatedly it might just be a sign that you’re not the first person he’s contacted to do something. Let’s just this guy is only interest in something- sex. You do not want to be a booty call. Be honest with yourself. If your man is always picking up the check and then suddenly suggests that you start paying for your meal without any explanation, he may be saving up for another girl.

Your place and your activities. If you are always the one calling the shots and suggesting date ideas and plans, he may be backing away because he’s not that interested. If he’s always suggesting to go to your place and you’ve never seen where he lives he may be hiding something. Ask yourself why he’s not showing you his place. It’s always best to find out the dirty before you get serious.

No friends, no family, no time. No guy will take you home to meet his parents after a few dates. However, if you have been dating for a couple of months and he always finds a reason to avoid introducing you to his family, he probably doesn’t think you are “the one.” If he also does not show any interest in meeting your friends and family, chances are he’s not that interested in you either.

Clearly this guy does not want to make you a part of his life.

Do you feel selfish and needy?

Well stop because if things are progressing shouldn’t he be progressing too?

Of course there is no harm in being with a guy who is not that interested but who views you as a distraction or a companion.

There is no harm unless, of course, you are looking for something more.

You definitely do not want to be wasting any more time with a guy who isn’t going to give much back.

Forget excuses and start looking for a guy who is ready to commit!

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