Why Men Keep Leaving You

Why Men Keep Leaving You

Everyone who has been in a relationship has learned that a guy can get really close to you, make and share love and then quickly take his things and leave for what seems like no good reason at all.

As much as we’d like to expect that feelings of love translate directly into loving and long lasting relationship, they actually don’t.

When it comes to relationships love actions don’t always have to speak louder than words.

Men don’t suddenly change their minds about whether or not they want to be with you.

The truth is, when a woman is caught off guard like that after learning that the man she loved has changed his feelings, it is probably because the women was not aware that her actions and behaviour has led him to do so.

Of course some girls might be terrified or asking themselves what they did wrong, blaming their lame ass ex.

Some might even end a relationship a little too early.

You might feel abandoned by a past relationship or annoyed by this, but let’s get to the bottom of this, shall we?

Men can be very obnoxious and crappy at times and they can surely hurt our feelings.

However, you need to understand why men keep walking out of your life.

No one wants to keep repeating their mistakes with every man they fall in love with.

Now that’s just painful.

You are going to have to forget about the past and look ahead.

You will never be able to depict the way a man thinks.

This is beyond your control.

You need to start focusing on what it is you can control—the way you think and act.

You will need to step outside of your own ego to fully understand how someone close to you feels.

This is one of the key elements to a strong and loving relationship.

And it takes practice.

You will need to learn to open up with your partner.

The same goes for the man.

Once he sees that you are accepting who he is and what he stands for he will have no problem sharing his thoughts and opinions with you.

He’ll not only connect with you but will feel a lot closer and attracted to you.

Most women think that a guy’s silence is normal.

They provide a reasoning like: he’s busy with work or he’s playing video games, but the truth is guys who aren’t sharing can’t always get the words out.

Women also think that if they can understand which words and actions he chooses then they figure out how to make things right.

But love is not something forced.

Love cannot just happen.

There’s a deeper level of understanding when it comes to male species.

Luckily you can try breaking the ice with these tips.

He thinks the truth will hurt you. Most guys don’t want to tell you what’s up or what they’re thinking about because they think it will affect you. The only way to get him to speak up is to let him know that you’ll take his opinion even if you don’t necessarily agree with it. He’ll then feel safe to talk.

He’s a macho man. Boys are taught that when they’re hurt they are supposed to dust it off and walk away. So guys are afraid to show women their emotional side. So help him along the way by simply asking him the right questions. Guys find it difficult to explain their feelings so try starting your questions with “Do you feel like…?” Provide him some options and before you know it he’ll be a talking machine!

He’s ashamed. Now that you know your man is vulnerable the last thing you want to do is baby him. Instead you should build his confidence back up by showing him that you truly believe in him and the odds are next time he’ll open up more.

He likes to fix things. Guys do not think like women. Women are used to multitasking while men have a hard time moving on from a problem if they haven’t solved it yet. So if you want to find out what is bothering him avoid ambushing him the minute he gets home. Try waiting until he’s settled. Giving him space is important as when he is ready to talk he will come to you.

Take your time when trying to fix your attitude and behaviour.

Of course, no one wants to be heartbroken but sometimes it is inevitable.

Surround yourself with positivity and have confidence in yourself and your partner.

The rest will come naturally.

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