Women Want More Than Just Nice Guys

Women Want More Than Just Nice Guys

Nice guys actually do finish last.

Women don’t want nice guys, they want the players and jerks; the bad boys. Many nice guys even try bad boy tactics, like not calling her back and acting like they don’t need her. However, this ruse doesn’t work because it’s not authentic. Women read through it and know that this bad boy is simply nice.

What do we want?

Yes we cry when Mr. Bad Boy doesn’t call back so we tell ourselves “enough is enough, I’ll get a nice guy next time”.

But then that doesn’t work because that so called “nice” guy just tries to accommodate our every need and so we get bored and tell him goodbye.

What we really want though is a good guy.

First off, nice guys solely want to please their woman and wants to make sure everything he does pleases her.


These good guys we want are kind of like the bad boys we think we want.

Good guys have enough confidence to go after what they want. He doesn’t care what others think of him. The good guy loves his women while the bad boy acts selfish towards her.

Good guys aren’t afraid of the spotlight and hope that they can bring out the best in everyone. Good guys go with the flow and are not concerned with people being uncomfortable with them.

As working girls, we believe we can do anything.

The last thing we want is to baby our men.

We don’t want men that we know we can grab by the balls.

We want a man who stands up on his two feet and isn’t afraid to ask a woman for her number at the bar, someone who can take the lead, and wants to pursue a long lasting relationship.

While searching for your good guy though we seriously hope you won’t forget your lipstick!

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